Internet of Things

Our Approach

Internet of things involves internet connectivity beyond standard devices to any range of dumb or non internet enabled physical devices such as (door, window, light, fan etc). As per the theory all the physical device should produce some data and stay connected with each-other so that they can remotely monitored and controlled, every device should be on sync with each other.

It always seems impossible until it's done.

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Case Study

Patras is Greece’s third largest city, and the regional capital of Western Greece. It is also a smart cities pioneer, with a dedicated smart cities hub located in the Patras Science Park.This has lead Patras to build a relationship with Deutsche Telekom and their local partners to investigate smart cities and how NB-IoT can help the city deploy new services, including smart parking and smart street lighting. Deutsche Telekom’s local affiliate Cosmote has undertaken the first Greek implementation of NB-IoT in Patras along with their partners to prove that Smart Cities powered by NB-IoT are able to help the local municipality become more efficient and cut costs.

Source : gsma