DeCentralised Platform

What most of people make mistakes in blockchain is Bitcoin. Blockchain is far beyond it. Cryptocurrency is a product of blockchain technology. Blockchain is moreover decentralised platform. The idea behind it is making or keeping data in decentralised way, where no body is liable to it, no body is liable for the security. Confusing ? Well, consider it as a future and the future is here. No one saw it coming and it is here.

Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea.

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Alternative Currency

The traditional FIAT currency like Dollars,Rupee,Euro is controlled by government and financial institutions. Cryptocurrency give us an alternative approaches to currency where no body is controlling it, and also its secure and safe. Nobody able to trace your money or steal it. However, the cryptocurrency is banned in few countries as of now because of its untraceable properties.


Another industry where we can make use of it is a keeping a data safe and accessible throughout. The beauty of decentralised lies here. The data is nowhere and again your data is everywhere. Only rightful owner can access it decode it and manipulate it not other way round.