I infuse a dream in to ur head now ...
not of me, but of me, somehow
of wot i see, wot its feel like..
or of  jumping from a dyke ..
of bumpy roads nd mud in the shoe ..
stranger's tells, possibly half true ..
of rhythms mixed wit orange sweat ..
of my tired mind dat always fret ..


thrs no question of being thr..
thrs no question of being true ..
sleep is unmindful ..
off the recurring blue ...
a sleep of  no dreams..
if its the reality ..
a sleep of wotever it seems
in its own sanctity ..
a sleep with raw music in the eve
a sleep with smoke in the mind
thrs only urself to forgive ..

nd the clouds r kind

freedom is wot u are
freedom is the sea
an aweful memoir ..
wen old birds flee ...


I belong to the places I have never been,,,
I belong to the people i have alwayz seen....
I look for you

In the clouds that never passed by ,,
In those ventures worth a try... 

In the unending roads I take, expressions dat I fake...
In those houses I tried calling home ..

I look for u in the sudden joy of my motions...
In the sadness of monotonous emotions...

I look for u even if I bathe in the moon..  
while dunk clothes drying by...
and smell reminds me my mother..
life was not totally her, altogether,,,..

I look for you 
coz u stopped the wall clock atop breakfast table..
coz u planted the dream of a life...
beyond the madness and the strife...

yet into it,,,


A cheap cigarette in the moon light ...
a sleepy magician plays with life ....
while the street dogs continue to fight ..
nd please go to sleep say the eyes ..
happy wounds nd half lies...

moon adds flavor to this pretense ...
of a future life ,,,
i never cared for the defense ,,
in those waves of strife...    

Sleep comes as the late monsoon ..
she sleeps in her teary lagoon ...
dreams of penetration never had a purpose ...
sleep takes me beyond da ugly circus ...

the door bell curses ring ring ring
heil the spirit-man, delivers with a grin ...


Wait n Sea
just for me
loneliness be

forever thee..

. Wait a while 
. crazy pile
. hidden rile
. and 
. escape smile

Loony sky
n mind high
waves lullaby
       n the dreams fly....


There's this moonlight
just out the window ..
forbidden to touch it..
chasing the limbo ...

I wish to be a tree
in the sleepy woods
moon over the canopy
only peace intrudes ..

the demon in me
will have his death
only wind carries the name
and the last breath...